Hydroponic garden

Planted mixed herbs at the begining of September. Contains basil, purple basil, chives, dill, parsley, cilantro, and mint.

Two weeks after seeding mixed herbs

Four weeks after 'planting'
The basil really took off. I cut it down to half it's height to keep it close the the other plants.

Five weeks after 'planting'
The purple basil was quite tall. I trimmed the top half (used it in Pad Thai). Moved the light up two notches this week. The chives aren't growing well!

Seven weeks after 'planting'
I trimmed both basils again (pizza). Cilantro got used for guacamole--very strong scent.

This is the peak of the green variety. After this the 'red' variety with spiky leaves began to dominate. After about 2 more months I did a final harvest of all the remaining lettuce. It was still growing, but the way lettuce grows the central stalk becomes very long and the plant leans over and spreads out. The growth rate also was much slower.

48 days after 'planting'
Harvested twice this week.

41 days after 'planting'
Harvested twice this week.

34 days after 'planting'
Light raised two units. Will start harvesting this week.

27 days after 'planting'

20 days after 'planting'

13 days after 'planting'

6 days after 'planting'

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