Notes on the present

State of the federal budget:
US fed deficit over the last few years

Annotated with more detail:
US fed budget changes

This is the steepest set of budget cuts since the US came out of WWII.

Is this typical for the US economy coming out of a deep, deep recession. No, unprecedented:

US fed spending post recession

A sharp reduction in spending like this is slowing the recovery. If the US followed the usual course (+15% federal spending, i.e. more stimulus), an extra 2-3 million people would have jobs, and that positive feedback would be pushing the US into a full recovery.

The budget currently on the table in Washington, rejected by the GOP:
2014 US Fed budget, Senate CR

Deficit reduction since 2011:
cuts since 2011

More charts covering the federal budget, deficit, health care spending, and related matters.

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