Kegging my first beer!

I’m now set up for kegging beer, and am putting a brown ale into a keg. I want to hurry things along. Kegging usually takes 1-2 weeks, but I want the beer ready in 5 days. To speed things along, I’m doubling the pressure to 20 psi for the first two days, lowing the temperature, and shaking the keg a few times a day. After the first two days, I’ll reduce pressure to 10 psi. If I shake it after that and CO2 still goes in, I haven’t over carbonated. I’ll bring the temperature up to 38F the last day.

Here are instructions I found:

Kegging instructions

A carbonation table: Handy-Dandy Slow Force Carbonation Chart featuring Pressure vs. Temperature

Getting A Good Pour – Kegged Beer CO2 Line Length and Pressure

Cold and a long tap line help reduce foaming.

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