VentureBeat understands online journalism

BTW, the previous article comes by way of a link to an article in VentureBeat. Contentwise the article is nothing special, a thinly written industry conference talk/press release. But the author Mark Coker and VentureBeat understand online journalism. The article has what every web news story ought to have but few do–relevant and appropriate links. The article links to a detailed article on the technology, the company, and the conference. This is great!

Unfortunately most news organizations haven’t got this figured out yet. They will report on (summarize) say a report by the FDA without linking to the report. Many/most of these are now on the web–the reporter read it there in many cases–but the article doesn’t link to it. Or to the FDA press release.

Science news never links to the journal article. Or to the less technical journal News and Views summary, or to the non-technical University press release.

It a real opportunity for a news organization. If I knew the McClatchy (formerly Knight-Ridder) news service did this I would seek out their articles over AP’s or the New York Times. I haven’t seen any grab for this brass ring.

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