CLP-415NW Samsung printer repair

My Samsung CLP-415NW printer was giving a A1-4111 error. I found a post saying that this can be caused by a toner sensor electromagnet failing to hit the correct position because a foam pad squishes up. After removing the front door (remove black plastic extenders, pull up left side of door to pop out hinge), the front plastic piece, and the right side plastic case, the electromagnet can be uncovered. The electromagnet assembly can be removed with one screw, and pulled out for easier access. I added a 3-4 layers of masking tape to build up the pad. This cleared up the issue.

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  1. Sam Leung says:

    Thanks Guys for posting this. Works like a charm. Save the environment since I do not have to throw out a perfectly fine working printer.

  2. Happy Me says:

    Wow! I’ve seen all kids of so called “tricks” on line that never work but this one actually did! I used adhesive felt and it worked great! Thank you so much for the post!

  3. ACHILLE says:

    Hi, I have a samsung xpress c1860fw printer with error # a1-4111. I can’t figure out what to do to fix the problem.

  4. Ine says:

    We managed to fix it with your instructions and images. THANK YOU!!!!!

  5. ine says:

    PS my printer is a Samsung C1810

  6. Mario says:

    Omg, thanks man, same shit, C1810 worked like a charm. Good job!

  7. Amazing! Thank you! I was just going to go out and buy a new printer. You saved me hundreds of dollars!

  8. GW says:

    Perfect fix. Works for the 1860Xpress. If the print is faded then you put too much tape. I did 4 layers and the print is better than its every been. Thank you!

  9. Robert E Galla says:

    I don’t know how you guys figured this out, but all I can say is WOW ! Nice Fellas! Printer works Great!

  10. Mickey says:

    Really Thanks guys, I have a CL61860fw, the placement is a little different but the process is the same.
    I have the oven problem but the error A1-1111 or A1-1112 make the printer stuck now its rocks !

  11. Daniel says:

    Amazing, just moved the slip back a bit and it works on my Xpress C1860FW. THX!!!

  12. JL says:

    Really fantastic thank you. Taking the printer is a lot more difficult than described. The door is fiddly – take your time or you will break the black plastic extenders. There are 5 screws on the front panel. The side panel has two screws in the back that have to be accessed by opening the back door. The side panel also has to be unclipped from the bottom of the machine. After that it was all plain sailing with the help of a youtube video (for a different samsung printer) that showed where the little bit of foam was that needed replacing. Could not have done it without your directions. Thank you very much

  13. Clement says:

    I am amazed to see how just adding 1 mm surface on the top of this blocking tape make the thing to work.
    I have totally removed the old one and replace it with two layers of double side adhesive keeping one side with the protection.
    My printer was CLX 4000 series.
    I have also replaced the BIOS battery CR4032 by the way to keep the date saved among power cycle

  14. Steve Fraser says:

    My printer is a CLX-6260ND , exactly the same problem codes, and although the arrangement is a bit different, the solution worked perfectly, saving me £00’s for now at least!

  15. T32UK says:

    Similar printer CPL-415, same error, same fix! THANK YOU!

    Looks like when the pad has moved or go squashed, the metal plate it need to move is too far from the solenoid, so moving it back a few mils does the trick.

    For ref, on my printer, open all the panels, take off the right panel via 3 screws at front and 2 at the back. The solenoid is in the top left.

  16. Laird says:

    Yes this worked very well for me!!!
    A million thanks!

  17. Stuart says:

    This worked for me too. C1810. Seems a silly little thing to go wrong. For the C1810, take off front and right sided panels. Thanks for the initial post.

  18. Bernd says:

    Saved me from buying a new printer. Thanks !!!

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