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CLP-415NW Samsung printer repair

My Samsung CLP-415NW printer was giving a A1-4111 error. I found a post saying that this can be caused by a toner sensor electromagnet failing to hit the correct position because a foam pad squishes up. After removing the front door (remove black plastic extenders, pull up left side of door to pop out hinge), the front plastic piece, and the right side plastic case, the electromagnet can be uncovered. The electromagnet assembly can be removed with one screw, and pulled out for easier access. I added a 3-4 layers of masking tape to build up the pad. This cleared up the issue.

3 Responses to “CLP-415NW Samsung printer repair”

  1. Sam Leung Says:

    Thanks Guys for posting this. Works like a charm. Save the environment since I do not have to throw out a perfectly fine working printer.

  2. Happy Me Says:

    Wow! I’ve seen all kids of so called “tricks” on line that never work but this one actually did! I used adhesive felt and it worked great! Thank you so much for the post!

  3. Vincent T Hess Says:

    Great fix. Took me about ten minutes. my pad had slipped up. I repositioned it added a drop of supper glue and viola all is good!!! Kudos for posting this.

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