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Why hack the Cricut?

Well, while it's true that there are plenty of craft paper/vinyl cutters out there that let you use them however you want, Cricut cutters are pretty easy to come by. You can also pick up parts and cutters at a typical craft store or even a Wal-mart. Many people also let their old units go for next to nothing once they upgrade to the latest version of the Cricut, meaning you can pick one up cheap pretty easily. Also, there's already commercial software out there that will let you cut anything you want on a Cricut, without modifying the firmware, so it doesn't seem to be any technical reason why you can't hack the thing.

Currently, we're figuring out the details of how to control the Cricut from a PC. Once we get that working we'll see where we go from there...

Please Contribute

Please Contribute information we would like to document the different model codes returned by the Firmware command. See Instructions here.

Help document model behavioral differences Cricut Cutting Standard.

Getting Started

Cricut Hardware

First Generation Hardware

Second Generation Hardware

Cricut Carts

Cricut Communication

Cricut Communication Specs

Cricut Commands

Cricut Commands (old)

On going Research

To Explore



Setting Up Libcutter



C Linux

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