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Downloading flash video

How to download flash video.

Try the UnPlug Firefox extension first. If it works it is the easy way.

If that doesn’t work, here’s a way of downloading flash video.

1) Install tshark, a network monitoring tool.

2) Run tshark from a command line:
tshark -e -e http.request.uri -T fields tcp port 80 > sites.txt

3) Load or reload the web page with the flash, let the video start to play. Then you can stop tshark.
tshark logs all the files that get called to load the web page.

4) Look in the sites.txt file. Search for files with the .flv extension: /wand/WAND_20101010210218823AB.flv

Put together the web site and file path like so (the ‘m’ in com was cut off):

5) Download this file. I use wget:

6) The file can be viewed with a flash video player (like VLC) or converted to .avi with ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -i WAND_20101010210218823AB.flv video_file.avi

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