Links for February 2011

Putting web sites on phones: 1, 2
Heat pad, $14 and thermostat, $13, combine for temperature controlled water bath.
Small crudely adjustable heater, small temp. range, $8
Batch orders of custom PCBs at low cost
Natural human sleep patterns are two four hour blocks with a hour or so between them. Article
Open Library, has catalog (author, title, ISBN, etc) info available for bulk download.
Why cats paint: a theory of feline aesthetics

Interesting post on John C. McLoughlin, author of The Helix and the Sword and Toolmaker Koan, other books, speculations on the nature of dinosaurs. His book Archosauria, a new look at the old dinosaur (1979) was a head of its time.

0.005″ Thick 6″ x 50″ Stainless Steel

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