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Links for June 2022

Tirzepatide gives 20% weight loss! Once Weekly for the Treatment of Obesity

Laser spot size tradeoffs, link

Amateur ruling engine for making diffraction gratings made by Brian Manning TJIIRRS: Number 13,
Diffraction gratings, buy

Handy Techniques and Devices for making stuff by Jon Singer

More Guns, More Unintended Consequences: The Effects of Right-to-Carry on Criminal Behavior and Policing in US Cities. John J. Donohue, Samuel V. Cai, Matthew V. Bondy & Philip J. Cook.

Solar Panel Tilt Angle Calculator

Your optimal year-round tilt angle:
32.4° from horizontal
Your optimal tilt angles by season:
Spring: 32.4°, Summer: 17.4°, Fall: 32.4°, Winter: 47.4°

Links for May 2022

Favorites book list

The Abortion Backup Plan No One Is Talking About: Even in states with the strictest abortion laws, pregnant people have a safe, inexpensive option to terminate their pregnancies. But few know about it. by Olga Khazan

New ClusteredNR database: faster searches and more informative BLAST results

Every Republican Political Ad by Corey Forrester

Mechanical Watch site by Bartosz Ciechanowski
Origami folding simulator

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies: Burn It With Fire(Nicholas Weaver)

Links for April 2022

Donna and Walt audio: A Series of Unlikely Events

Americans are split on buying a house where the prior owners were murdered
Nearly two in five Americans say they believe that ghosts (36%), demons (37%), and psychics (37%) exist. Less than half of Americans say each one doesn’t exist. Far fewer believe in the existence of vampires (7%) and werewolves (7%); more than 80% of Americans say vampires and werewolves do not exist.

Panic! On the Editorial Page: Breaking down a “cancel culture” scare story by Michael Hobbes

I’m a Longtime Professor. The Real Campus “Free Speech Crisis” Is Not What You Think. I’ve never seen classrooms like mine in the pages of the Times. by Lucas Mann

Links for November 2021

Designing a Workflow For Thinking by Steven Johnson
Easy Focus Stack in Linux
Who Goes Fascist? A Political Psychologist Explains. Kristen Renwick Monroe looks at rescuers, bystanders, and perpetrators to understand why people do unspeakable acts. by Linda Mannheim

Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election officials by LINDA SO and JASON SZEP. Reporters track down criminals who made violent threats who police ignored.

GO client for linux, Sabaki

The ultra-wealthy have made full use of Roth individual retirement accounts. Here’s how you can do the same.

This Is How Many Calories You Burn on a Hilly Hike

60 Minutes Helps Andrew Sullivan’s Whitewashing: The blogger gets some prime time help with rewriting history
by Jeet Heer

Raccoon Was Once a Thanksgiving Feast Fit for a President. Calvin Coolidge refused to cook the raccoon sent to him, but the critter was a beloved staple for many Americans. by Jason Daley

Flourless chocolate cake recipe

I’m Confused Why All These People Are Quitting Jobs That Pay No Money and Make Them Want to Die by Chas Gillespie

Chicago Tool Library, South side

Plan C, information on access to mifepristone and misoprostol

Links for October 2021

Typical Employee Equity Levels
The 10 commandments of salary negotiation

Why $15 minimum wage is pretty safe. And why economists changed their minds on the minimum wage. by Noah Smith

Frank Wilhoit: The Travesty of Liberalism: “There is only conservatism. No other political philosophy actually exists; by the political analogue of Gresham’s Law, conservatism has driven every other idea out of circulation. There might be, and should be, anti-conservatism; but it does not yet exist. What would it be? In order to answer that question, it is necessary and sufficient to characterize conservatism. Fortunately, this can be done very concisely. Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.

Coqz Heaumez, or Helmeted Cock

The Methods of Moral Panic Journalism: Scare stories on “left-wing illiberalism” display a familiar pattern. by Michael Hobbes