Links for March 2013

Weight and Mortality
Updated list of Illinois makerspaces/hackerspaces:
Little Bits Workshop in River Forest, Illinois
Wanger Family Fab Lab at the Museum of Science and Industry
Makerspace Urbana in Urbana, IL (webpage broken) See here
Pumping Station: One in Chicago (north side), IL
Workshop 88, Glen Ellyn, IL
Deficit down 50% since 2009, national press ignores the story
40% of American workers make less than 1968 minimum wage adjusted for productivity gains
A guy building a CNC, posted a SLA7078 stepper driver
Google doodle for Nicolaus Copernicus’s 540th birthday
Hail Columbia!
Our Current Economic Mess, Explained With Headlines
Inexpensive GPS, Mini GPS u-blox B39 PCI-5S
Brasilian birds background audio
DIY high voltage capacitors
Gibberish Asian Font Mystery Solved

Improved Synthesis of Graphene Oxide. Marcano et al., AC Nano. 2010
Effectiveness of vaccines, graphic
2003 Iraq invasion timeline

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