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Links for January 2014

Cars above 50 MPG
Acupuncture found to be ineffective Bao et. al., 2013. Cancer Genetics, ppt
Collection of great posts on the pathology of the Repubs
10 million Americans now have health insurance due to Obamcare/ACA (6.4 million + 3.1 million < 26 on parents plans + direct signups
Genomics predictions for 2014
Debunking global warming denial: Is the CO2 absorption window saturated?
Scarleteen: sex ed for the real world
What happens when patients know more than their doctors? Experiences of health interactions after diabetes patient education: a qualitative patient-led study, Snow et. al., BMJ Open 2013
NSA and surveillance: Jacob Appelbaum’s talk on the NSA at 30c3 computing conference
Refuting arguments against the minimum wage: Greg Mankiw Battles the Minimum Wage (Dean Baker)
Growing Up Unvaccinated By Amy Parker
Dragon watches you
Contagious Diseases in the United States from 1888
to the Present. Panhuis et. al., 2013 NEJM
blog post
9 Childhood Illnesses: more common than you think.
Cat ceiling playground
OpenROV: DIY underwater robots
Brad DeLong post with recommended books on effective govt service
Maps of preventable disease outbreaks
US Political Party Platforms
Whatever Happened to Republican Feminists? by Jo Freeman (1996)
It’s not Ike’s Party anymore by digby
Metal Clay!!
The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of America poster Pop Chart Lab

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