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Links for September 2014

Hibernation in Lemurs
N-back memory task trainer
Pot research effectively forbidden in US

Ebola: Christian Althaus of the University of Bern in Switzerland just released a grim new calculation of the RO for this epidemic that finds that when the outbreak began in Guinea, it was RO = 1.5, so each person infected one and a half other people, for a moderate rate of epidemic growth. But by early July, the RO in Sierra Leone was a hideous 2.53, so the epidemic was more than doubling in size with each round of transmission. Today in Liberia, the virus is spreading so rapidly that no RO has been computed. Back in the spring, however, when matters were conceivably controllable, Liberia’s then-small rural outbreak was 1.59.

Egyptian D20

Egyptian D20
Banks control their Federal regulators
Lithium in water supply reduces suicide
Bennett Foddy’s Speed chess: up to 16 players, no waiting
Deep convolutional neural networks significantly improve computer vision in 2012
The destruction of Gary Webb over the CIA/crack history
Most People With Addiction Grow Out of It
Public health funding cut in half over the last decade

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