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Links for November 2015

Woman can smell Parkinson’s disease

A bogus “Obama economic indicators” graphic is going around Facebook. Here are employment stats for the Obama Presidency:
This chart is incorrect–let’s take a look a the first line.

Full time workers, Jan 2009 are 116M (BLS Jan 2009, A-6), down to 111M a year later at the peak of the recession, and now in Sept 2015 at 122M (+ 6 million jobs in 6.5 years) (BLS Sept 2015). Well done Mr president!.

Under Bush, Jan 2001 – Jan 2009 employment went from 112M to 116M (+4 million in 8 years). (Table A-4
These figures are readily available from the BLS Current Population Survey.

Trap, neuter, release does not work

Article on the HEMA documentary. How People Actually Fought With Swords.
Back to the Source, a documentary about Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts by Brooke Harrington

Turgay Trough Geoglyphs 250+ collections of mounds in square, cross, line, and tri-armed shapes

Man’s larger penis is a consequence of his larger brain. All about the baby head.

Studs Terkel, recordings from The Good War

How Humans Evolved Supersize Brains, by Ferris Jabr Experiments putting human/chimp regualtory regions into mice, database of human accelerated regions (HARs).

Mitochondria are a network of tubular organelles

Chicago cops conduct illegal spying on protesters

Thelonious Monk’s List of Tips for Playing a Gig

Forensic Pseudoscience: The Unheralded Crisis of Criminal Justice

Cops ‘seized’ more stuff than robbers last year

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