CNC build and use notes

Using a CNC
Milling 101 Understanding Milling Bits

Laser head

Casio XJ-A140 video projector blue laser source–24 x 1.5 Watts 445 nm blue laser diodes collimated

NUBM44, 5W – 7W 450nm laser diodes
-Reported to have poor beam quality.
-focusing: link
-focusing: the G2 is the best lens; fine tuned the Cylindrical lens to lens distance, critical to achieve the minimal divergence. Just a .1mm movement will cause a change in the Far field divergence.
-lens: 405nm/445nm/515nm Laser Lens/MP9x9mm/Laser Collimation Glass lens 1 pcs
-lens: aspherical single element lens gives smaller spot w/ some power loss; three element lens which has higher optical power loss but gives an even smaller beamspot

“We have our focal distance set at 2″ with this build, but by our experience, 3″ distance has worked out the best for image engraving with the 2-3W LD’s.”

NUBM07E, 2.9W 445nm laser diodes
-focusing: link
Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance for 6W @ 2mR is approximately 1000 feet

900mW 405nm, single mode diode, $90 ebay Can be focused to a much smaller spot

Good spot size: NDB7875, driver at 1.7a-1.8a max with a 3 element glass lens or J-Tech’s lens

445nm laser diode 2W driver, pdf

Saftey glasses:
-190-449nm OD5+, 450-532nm OD6+
Eagle Pair 190-540nm & 800-1700nm OD5 Laser Safety Goggles, $65
-OD 5+

Router/Spindle Variable speed control
AC dimmer

Power supplies
Computer power supply, 850W, 78A at 12V, $70

Milling advice
Milling speed selection

Waterjet info
Waterjet descriptions (pdf)

Water pressure (psi) water speed (ft/s)
1000 385
5000 861
10,000 1218
50,000 2724

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