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Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Steel finish grades: BA, 2BA, 7, 8 are shiny
Proteins designed from scratch in Baker lab Koga et al, 2012
How the immune system works (for non-scientists)
khmer, a general framework for low-memory k-mer counting, filtering, and advanced trickery
the NRA, scheming
To Keep and Bear Arms, September 21, 1995, Garry Wills, review of 2nd amendment law
Brief, but damning end of year review of the Washington Post
Massive online open courses, the future of work, and more
Funny, funny book
Perl one-liner tips

Illinois makerspaces/hackerspaces:
Little Bits Workshop in River Forest, Illinois
Wanger Family Fab Lab at the Museum of Science and Industry
Makerspace Urbana in Urbana, IL (webpage broken) See here
Pumping Station: One in Chicago (north side), IL

Making Machinable Wax