Using Grbl on Arduino

1. Loading Grbl on OS X, used to load binary grbl_v1.1f.20170801.hex. After plugging in the Arduino, the port was autodetected as usb-serial-1420. Loaded in a few seconds.

2. Installed bCNC on OS X. Had trouble with the numpy library.
pip2 install --upgrade bCNC
sudo conda install numpy

3. Running bCNC on OS X. To run:
python2 -m bCNC
Set port, go to File, select port. Default 115200 baud.

4. Test with small stepper running on a A4988 knockoff bipolar motor controller. Connect A4988 to 12V, to Arduino.

5. Test with bCNC. Connect to Grbl. Set steps/mm to 10, Set Z-accel to 50. Jog control moves motor!

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