Fused glass (and clay)

Fused Glass

Glass idea: Penrose tiling

Glass Frit
Learn how to paint with glass frit, using this excellent tutorial!
4. Mix CMC powder, glass powder and water to a peanut butter consistency.
5. Load the cake decorator
6. Trace out the design on the glass using the decorator
7. Let dry (speed dry with fan or hair dryer)
8. Fill in pattern with glass frit.

CMC powder is used extensively in the food industry. It is a gum additive for thickening products.

The mixing ratio is 9.5 tablespoons of water to 2.5 tablespoons of CMC to 13 tablespoons of glass power. This will make enough for approximately 12 8×10 design.

Frit flower

Day 30 Glass Powder Sgraffito Challenge
” I used a sifter, a business card and a flossing tool to create softer lines in the shading”
“I used my fingers to drizzle powder and then create the lumpy texture on the branch. A q-tip was used to make the softer flowers in the background and a scraper from a scrathboard kit was used for the detailed flowers. A wax carver’s pointy tool made the centers and cleaned up some of the shading.”
“Tools used were my larger sifter, a business card, a scraper from a scrathboard kit, a wax carver’s pointy tool and a q-tip.”
“I drizzled powder with my fingers to create the basic shape and used a business and a wax carver’s metal tool to clean up the lines.”
“I used my sifters, a business card, a scraper from a scrathboard kit, and a q-tip.”
“I did try to use the leaf as a stamp, but I couldn’t get a clean print.”
“Draw apples with a found tool (scraper from scratch board kit), a business card and powder sifters. Also, I used a paper towel to create the texture under the apples, a second found tool.”
“I used the scratching tool that comes with the $1 scratch board kits from Michaels Arts and Crafts store. It worked really well because the tip is slightly curved and allowed the powder to move with the tool rather than just be plowed out of the way. To create my glass drawings I used two sifters, a business card and the scratching tool from a cheap scratch board kit.”
“To create my glass drawings I used two sifters, q-tips and some wax carving tools from harbor freight. The q-tips were perfect for creating the soft edges of the breaking waves. The shaped heads of the wax carving tools were great at moving the powder but when you tap the glass the powder has a tendency to jump slightly.”

Frit tools

Fused Glass by Full Moon Loon Designs, vid

Kiln repair / maintenance
Electric Kiln Maintenance with Matt Hoogland (vid)


The Black Art of Drying Ceramics Without Cracks


Make three layers, tack fused. Middle layer contains a maze.
Middle layer contains a sand or something similar, holding in different orientations causes the sand to fall into different slots/patterns, different orientations show different images.

Multiple layers, mostly transparent. Tilting left/right lines up different dots / patches to show different images. How many images are possible?

-Cheery tree / seasons
-person young / old, props / clothes

Mount petals on bimetallic strips / open close. Different colors on sides.