Interesting Things

Electric Paint Conductive Pen 10mL, $15 Bare Conductive
Carbon fiber tape
Electrical / mechanical surplus
Maxwell ultracapacitors, 3000F 2.7v $65 energy = AA lithium, 350F 2.7v $12 energy is AAA standard
STM32F429 Discovery board w/ LCD (320×240), $24
BITalino, biomedical data acquisition dev board
Mica powder (useful for rheoscopic display), $10 / oz.
Polarizing film sheets, $15/ft2
ChipQuik, $16
Dusk to dawn power switch
ITO coated PET (touch screen film) (Bayview Optics)
Thin (.005″) flexible fiberglass for PCBs
Teflon (PTFE) sheets, 0.03″ (1/32″) thick, 12″x12″ $8
Pervasive Displays e-paper dev kit, 1.44″ screen, $24
1.5″ color OLED w/ 128×128 px, SPI, Parallel Interface, SSD1351 controller, $25 for 2
ARM9 board with Wifi, GPIO breakouts, $30
Hugo’s Amazing Tape (sticks only to itself)
Grid-EYE IR sensor 8×8 breakout board, $75
Nitinol (Flexinol)
0.49″ OLED, 60×32 pixels, $2.79
BLANDA bowls Useful for Van de Graff generator tops.

Useful things
Lead Free Soldering Flux Pen, $5
Soldering paste, 5cc syringe $16
USB Wifi dongle, $3
Wifi board with GPIO breakout, $4.50
Forward action staple gun
Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil
Self-Healing Cutting Mat
We R Memory Keepers Magnetic Cutting Set (magnetic self-healing mat)
ball-end hex wrenches
Stanley Removable Compartment Professional Organizer
auto-centering punch
Tweezerman tweezers
Vise Grip with gripping plates
Nickel–zinc (NiZc) rechargeable batteries (1.6V)
Inexpensive used stepper motors: MPJA Online
Sendust (Fe Si Al) Soft Magnetic Alloy Powder, 1kb $16
Carbonyl iron power, 1 lb. $45 (ebay), $5 kb (Alibaba)
Cell phone vibrators, 8 x 3.4mm, 3V
EINK screen, 9.7″, 1280×825, Kindle replacement screen, $37
Crushed blue opal, $22/g
French cleat wall anchors, $3
3M Scotch-Weld Structural Plastic Adhesive DP8005
-Glue delrin and similar plastics.
Small LED diffuser backlight, 24*50*3.3mm, $0.50 in small quantities.

Riden RD6006 programmable power supply, 60v, 6A.

Cool tools materials page
Chemicals, AlNiCo magnets, Elemental Scientifi
BLANDA BLANK, stainless steel bowl 14″, $13, for Van de Graaff

Infrared up conversion powder, Anti-Stokes shift: IRUCG (948-983nm -> 552ng green)

Odd products
KeySmart keyring, keys fold into pocketknife type holder

Hercules Stands Autogrip Universal Hanger
CD22M3494 16 x 8 x 1 BiMOS-E Crosspoint Switch, $6.80
AlNiCo magnets, round bar, square bar, rect bar, assortment, bar magnet.
Grab hole spacing with calipers–Center Line Gage
Sidecuts, for thin steel and brass in bulk

38% Hydrogen peroxide, beauty stores

Small, high res LCD, could be used for resin additive machine:
240×240 Color TFT LCD Display, 1.3″, $9
800×480 5.0″ Full Color TFT LCD, $39

Web tools

Which glue to use: This to That

UNIVERSAL METAL BENDER, for steel rule dies
Universal Manual Mini Bender, for steel rule dies

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