Interesting Things

Electric Paint Conductive Pen 10mL, $15 Bare Conductive
Carbon fiber tape
Electrical / mechanical surplus
Maxwell ultracapacitors, 3000F 2.7v $65 energy = AA lithium, 350F 2.7v $12 energy is AAA standard
STM32F429 Discovery board w/ LCD (320×240), $24
BITalino, biomedical data acquisition dev board
Mica powder (useful for rheoscopic display), $10 / oz.
Polarizing film sheets, $15/ft2
ChipQuik, $16
Dusk to dawn power switch
ITO coated PET (touch screen film) (Bayview Optics)
Thin (.005″) flexible fiberglass for PCBs
Teflon (PTFE) sheets, 0.03″ (1/32″) thick, 12″x12″ $8
Pervasive Displays e-paper dev kit, 1.44″ screen, $24
1.5″ color OLED w/ 128×128 px, SPI, Parallel Interface, SSD1351 controller, $25 for 2
ARM9 board with Wifi, GPIO breakouts, $30
Hugo’s Amazing Tape (sticks only to itself)
Grid-EYE IR sensor 8×8 breakout board, $75
Nitinol (Flexinol)
0.49″ OLED, 60×32 pixels, $2.79
BLANDA bowls Useful for Van de Graff generator tops.

Useful things
Lead Free Soldering Flux Pen, $5
Soldering paste, 5cc syringe $16
USB Wifi dongle, $3
Wifi board with GPIO breakout, $4.50
Forward action staple gun
Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil
Self-Healing Cutting Mat
We R Memory Keepers Magnetic Cutting Set (magnetic self-healing mat)
ball-end hex wrenches
Stanley Removable Compartment Professional Organizer
auto-centering punch
Tweezerman tweezers
Vise Grip with gripping plates
Nickel–zinc (NiZc) rechargeable batteries (1.6V)
Inexpensive used stepper motors: MPJA Online
Sendust (Fe Si Al) Soft Magnetic Alloy Powder, 1kb $16
Carbonyl iron power, 1 lb. $45 (ebay), $5 kb (Alibaba)
Cell phone vibrators, 8 x 3.4mm, 3V
EINK screen, 9.7″, 1280×825, Kindle replacement screen, $37
Crushed blue opal, $22/g
French cleat wall anchors, $3
3M Scotch-Weld Structural Plastic Adhesive DP8005
-Glue delrin and similar plastics.
Small LED diffuser backlight, 24*50*3.3mm, $0.50 in small quantities.

Riden RD6006 programmable power supply, 60v, 6A.

Cool tools materials page
Chemicals, AlNiCo magnets, Elemental Scientifi

Odd products

KeySmart keyring, keys fold into pocketknife type holder

Hercules Stands Autogrip Universal Hanger
CD22M3494 16 x 8 x 1 BiMOS-E Crosspoint Switch, $6.80
AlNiCo magnets, round bar, square bar, rect bar, assortment, bar magnet.
Grab hole spacing with calipers–Center Line Gage
Sidecuts, for thin steel and brass in bulk

38% Hydrogen peroxide, beauty stores

Small, high res LCD, could be used for resin additive machine:
240×240 Color TFT LCD Display, 1.3″, $9
800×480 5.0″ Full Color TFT LCD, $39

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