H-bridge driver design

The goal is the design of an array of 20 – 200 h-bridge drivers.

DRV8837 single driver 11v 1.8A, $1.02
BD6230 dual driver, $4.92
SN754410, dual driver 36V 1A, $1.08
DRV8835, dual driver 11V 1.5A, $1.05
DRV8801, single, 36V 2.8A, $2.82
DRV8833, dual 10.8V 1.5A 2A peak, $2.45
DRV8839, single driver 11v 1.8A, $1.62
A3988 Allegro, 36-QFN, quad driver, 36V, 1.2A, $4.96
A3909 Allegro, 10-MSOP, dual driver, 18V, 1A, $1.67
TB62218AFG Toshiba, HSOP28, dual driver 1/16 step, 40V, 2A, $2.57

A4990, dual w/diodes 36V, 0.7A, $3.20
TB6612FNG dual w/diodes, 13.5V 1.2A 3A peak, $3.15 (not available)
MC33926, single 28V 3A 5A peak, $7.40
ZXMHN6A07T8 single w/diodes, 60V 1.5A, $1.91

TC4426A dual MOSFET driver 1.5A, $0.84
TC4423 dual MOSFET driver 3A, $1.63
IXDF604SIA dual MOSFET driver 4A, $1.04
TB6564AHQ dual driver 4A 42V, 1/64 step, $6

1n5817, 1A, $0.10

H-bridge: TC4426A, 4x 1n5817, 2R, 2C = $1.50
dual h-bridge: SN754410, 8x 1n5817, 1R, 1C = $2


DC Motor-Driver H-Bridge Circuit

Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 18v15

Motor x4 TinyShield
TinyShield Motor for TinyDuino
female df-12-32-dp
male connector

TI BOOST-DRV8711 8-52V, 4.5A, bipolar stepper motor driver based on the DRV8711 Stepper Motor Pre-driver and CSD88537ND Dual N-Channel NexFETTM Power MOSFET, $25

H-bridge designs
Optoisolator to drive MOSFETs:
2x 4N25, $0.33, $0.164/100

N and P Mosfets:
2x IRF9630 $0.43
2x IRF630 $0.31
$1.80 for an H-bridge set

$1.16/100 SN754410NE

Cheap h-bridge:
30V, 4A H-bridge DMHC3025LSD $0.85, $0.44/100

30V, 4A H-bridge DMHC3025LSD ($0.85, $0.44/100) + 2x 4N25, ($0.33, $0.164/100)
+ passives $0.05
Cost: $1.60, $0.82/100

12V, 0.5A H-bridge LB1962MC

8X x 8Y 64-segment LED driver:
ICM7228AIPIZ, $5.35
MAX7219CNG+, $5.74
8X x 8Y 640segment LED driver:
ICM7228BIPIZ, $6.15
8X x 16Y 128-segment LED driver:
MAX6955 $16
-Use these to control an array of H-bridges. Controller -> optoisolator -> driver -> MOSFETs

Drive MOSFET optoisolators from individually addressable LEDs:
LED driver overview
HL1606 LED driver.
LPD8803 / LPD8806
WS2801, $0.20, 3 outputs, 30 mA,256 step PWM
TLC5940RHBT, 16-channel, $2.00
AS1113, 16-channel, 50mA, 5V, $2.56
AS1121, 16-channel, 40mA, 30V, $2.11

TLE9201SG, H-bridge, 6A, $3.23/1 $2.52/100
-Can drive direct or SPI

Discrete H-bridge (design from):
BC547 x 8 = 0.01->0.08
2n3904 smd x 8 = 0.005 -> 0.04
normal small BJT transistors like 2n3904, bc547 or 2n2222
Opto-couplers, PC817 x 2 = 0.10 0.06/100 -> 0.20
30V, 4A H-bridge DMHC3025LSD ($0.85, $0.44/100)
P-channel mosfets IRF9540
N-channel Mosfets IRF540
12V zener Diodes 1N4742A x 4 = 0.03 -> 0.12
LED = 0.0011
resistors x 22 = 0.0021/100 -> 0.05
OSH Park circuit board $1.67, $1 per square inch, 150 square inch minimum
DirtyPCBs, 10x 5x10cm $28, $0.35 each
paste, assembly
$3.07 OSH / $1.81 dirtyPCBs

VN5770AKP-E, Quad smart power solid state relay, $1.76 $160/100

VNH2SP30-E, 16V, 30A (16A typical), assembled board, $3.43

ST power motor driver product page

Guide to MOSFETS
MOSFET driver MIC4422, single, 9A peak output, 25ns, $1.13
MOSFET driver, UCC27424, dual, 4A peak output, $0.98
MOSFET driver, MCP1407, single, 6A peak output, $0.79

Half H-bridge driver IC, N-channel high and low, IR210, $0.60
MOSFET IRF3205S, 55V, 110A, $0.76
dual N-channel, 55V, 4.7A, IRF7341PBF, $0.40
30V Dual N- and P- Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET,3,4A, RF7379PBF, $0.20

Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield, 8A, MOSFET IRF3205S and controller IR2104

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