Links for December 2013

Yellow fever could break out in the US
JeeYoung Lee makes rooms and photographs them
STEM toys
Fraud and the design of corporations
6-strand rope braid
8-strand double braid
Breaking contracts: cutting pensions in IL and Detroit
Edouard Martinet’s steampunk insects
Econ charts: public and private net jobs by President
Correlations of IQ with income and wealth
Death Star ornaments
Soundcard oscilloscope
Galinstan –low melting pt metal found in thermometers
Inexpensive USB oscilloscopes / logic analyzers
JP Morgan Chase and corruption, foreign and domestic
Running A One-Person Business by Claude Whitmyer and Salli Rasberry
Post-scarcity economics and Star Trek
Indiana public schools ‘out-grow’ charter, private schools
Taxes are unnecessary, the Fed can just print money
Chicago’s Ventra Card privatization scam
Susan after Narnia
WAVE: check if a web site can be accessed by others
Deleting phone location logs
Estate tax swindle: use GRATs, don’t pay
Evolution: GOP and evangelical protestants are the Known-Nothings

Best blog posts of the year
The Rude Pundit: A More Realistic Bush Museum
Insufferable Movie Snob: What the heck is “Pre-Code”?
Real American Liberal: Debunking Extremist Gun Arguments