Science stuff for kids

Lemon juice secret writing — heat to read.

Barometer — jar, balloon, straw, needle, ruler.

Copper electroplating. 9V battery, two alligator clips, vinegar, two copper strips to get copper in solution, then positive to copper, neg to target. Mask target metal to get a design. Targets? Aluminum foil?, cleaned can?

Electro rust removal.

Battery pile.

Wave tank. Reflections, refraction.


Pond water. Identify, draw, classify animals.

Mobius strip.

Magic squares–4×4

Detect bases–tumeric acid in isopropyl alcohol

celery stalks in food coloring, wait a day.

Pulleys–clothesline pulleys, rope.

Solar oven. oven thermometer, or infrared thermometer. Styrofoam box, shiny side Al foil, saran wrap / glass on top to keep heat in.

Density–salt water, sugar, baking soda, alcohol, oil + test items–plastic, grape, potato bit, wax. Wax floats on water, sinks in isopropyl. Add oil on top of water, add item that floats on water, sinks in alcohol, will go to boundry. Check: pumice, peanut, ice, wood / bit of bark/pine cone, cork, lemon, soap, rubber, fresh egg (sinks in water). Use mason jars. Can use food coloring on each liquid. Check different plastics (by recycling number)

Conservation of energy. rope, high point, something heavy.

Life Science Units and Lessons for Grades 4-6
Magic Squares
Science Experiments for Kids