Papercraft head

Make a paper low poly head for a costume.
Model and convert to low poly. Make a head hole. Add tabs to glue it together. Paint w/ color pattern for printing. I got the plan from these Instructables, Papercraft With Blender and Papercraft Low Poly Wolf Mask.

Papercraft with Blender
Model site, Animapapir

Found a relatively low poly dinosaur model, T Rex Low Poly by JonMxM that was free to download. The model was in FBX format, model file.

I imported it into Blender, deleted all but the head, then used decimate to progressively simplify the model. I noticed some regions had a density of vertexes so I selected those one region at a time and decimated the region. Pared it down to ~200 triangles. Final model, blend file.

Then I exported it using the Paper Model plugin. This unfolds the figure and adds tabs to one side of each seam along with piece and seam numbering.

The exported model was small because the exported images had to scale so that the largest piece fit on one page. I started adding seams with Mark Seam to split the model into smaller pieces. I continued this until the model was an estimated 18″, based on the size of the tongue piece which was easy to recognize.

I colored the model, and the colors carried over to the PDF, but it printed in B&W. I printed it out on cardstock. The total model had 30 pieces, 156 faces, pdf, color pdf.

It took about 2-3 hours to cut out the pieces and crease the seams with a tool. Hot glue was used to connect the pieces. I wrote the piece number on the back of each polygon, and the edge number of connected edges. Glueing took about 2 hours.