Assorted electronic circuits

Ultrasonic atomizer circuits

Homemade ultrasonic humidifier (ultrasonic atomizer)
Ultrasonic Atomizer Circuit
Multi-purpose ultrasonic atomizer circuit

Using an optical mouse CCD as a sensor reader

Optical mice often contain small CCD sensors:
A2051 chip, 16×16 sensor, datasheet

ADNS2610, 18×18 CCD, serial interface, datasheet

Mouse with an A2051 chip with a 16×16 sensor and PIC18 code
ADNS2610 read through a parallel port
Interfacing an optical mouse (USB) with a PIC sensorweb.c
PIC interface project

Idea–solar powered camera / wifi board:
Use an ESP8266 for WiFi / microcontroller (<$4). Add a OV7670 camera module (<$5) LiPo battery 100-600 mAh, 3.7v - 11v (<$2) Solar panel ($1-$5), (,searchweb201527_1,searchweb201560_9) Or better, a supercapacitor, 2 in parallel for higher voltage (<$5), holds enough charge for a single round of wake up, snap picture, connect to wifi, send picture, sleep. All together, < $15. Universal battery eliminator circuit (UBEC), step down buck converters MP2307
Adafruit page describing it.

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