Treadmill desk project

I am making a treadmill desk by modifying an inexpensive commercial standing desk. Ideally, it would work with both the treadmill and stationary bike. It is OK for the stationary bike as is.

For the treadmill, modifications are needed. The height is barely OK for a standing desk, but the treadmill desk is 8″ off the ground. So an extra 12″ would be useful.

To raise the base, wood sides 22″ deep and 20″ in height would raise the base 12″. These would bolt to the steel sides at the bottom and 7.5″ up in to the two middle risers. Holes will be drilled in the still sides, and new bolts added. They could screw into threaded inserts, or bolt straight through with washers on both sides.

The desk isn’t wide enough. The base columns are 19″ ID wide, but the treadmill base is 25″ and the rails extend to 28″. So an extra 10″ in width is needed.

The cross bar is 6″ H x 19″ W, with the bolt holes 5″ apart on center. So a new cross piece 6-7″ H x 29″ W is needed.

The shelves are 24″ x 12″. The sides attach directly to the top shelf. There is 1.75″ from the shelves to the mounting bolts, so new shelves 12″ x 34″ will be needed. The lower shelf bolts to a 1″ round cross piece. The cross needs to be extended 10″ or replaced with a 29″ W x 1″ dowel.

There is room below the treadmill to slip a cross piece in the bolts to the bottom of the side pieces. This can be added if needed to stabilize the desk. It would need to be removed to move the desk between treadmill and bike, so not ideal.

The desk is held together by metric machine bolts that screw into plastic inserts. The new wood will need inserts that fit the bolts.

The wood should be stained and finished.

(2) 22″ x 20″ boards
(8) bolts
(8) threaded inserts.
or 8 sets of bolts, nuts, washers

New top
(2) 12″ x 34″ boards
(1) 6-7″ x 29″ board
(18) threaded inserts [size]
(1) 10″ long 1″ x 1″

Wood stain and wood finish.

original desk
original desk

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