Piezo 2D linear motor

Piezo motor designs
“The actuator consists of a piezo-ceramic plate of size LxWx0.5L (X, Y, Z), polarized in the Y-direction. The two large faces of the plate are covered by electrodes. On the front are the two exciter electrodes, each covering half of the surface. The rear surface has a single electrode that serves as a common drain. On one long edge of the plate is a pusher, made of aluminum oxide.”, pdf
Piezoelectric Motors, an Overview by Karl Spanner and Burhanettin Koc, pdf
Design and Experiments of a Piezoelectric Motor Using Three Rotating Mode Actuators, pdf
Note: A compact, rigid, and easy-to-build piezo motor: The intact-tube GeckoDrive. Qi Wang, Yubin Hou, and Qingyou Lu, pdf
Design of Linear Ultrasonic Micro Piezo Motor for Precision Mechatronic Systems, pdf

Piezo drive circuits

Piezoceramic sources
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