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Beckman DB-G Grating Spectrophotometer teardown

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Beckman DB-G Grating Spectrophotometer, Cat NO. 1403.

Links: Grating Spectrophotometer DB GT (1961), University of Queensland Physics Museum

E 871 (3 leads, HID, for UV)
GE 2331 (visible, 5.9V, 4.66A, 25W)

photomultiplier RCA IP28A, 69-04 (Anode supply: 1250V. Voltage between dynode No9 and anode: 250V. D-C anode current: 2.5ma. Ambient temperature: 75 Deg C. Package: 1-5/16″ D x overall length 3-11/16″ long. Seated height 3-1/8″ long. base: 11 pin plug-in with socket and 30″ cable. Note: Specification sheet available. Maybe replaced with 931A, average anode characteristics are the same.)

Photomultiplier board:
Vacuum tubes:

Main board:
Adams and Westlake Mercury Wetted Contact Relay – MWSL-15093-1B
Vacuum tubes (all filaments lighted):

Links for Nov 2016

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

The Skeptical Chymists — associated with a modern version of a 1920’s chem set for kids
Amateur chemistry discussion board
Estimated 1:20000 eggs in the US are contaminated with Salmonella enterica. The fraction varies as infection rises and falls in flocks, at times 1:10 eggs are contaminated. The majority of egg-laying flocks have Salmonella infections, but only a subset of chickens are infected, only some eggs get contaminated, and egg-washing reduces Salmonella in eggs. Still this works out to over 2e6 contaminated eggs / year in the US.
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